april. vegetable garden is ON.

8 brussels sprouts/23 peas/4 crookneck squash/4 zucchini/1 german johnson tomato/2 cherry tomato/                        french radishes/little finger carrots/ mesclun/genovese basil/nasturtium/

its a small full southern exposure space. rich clay based soil i have turned and turned and turned in much compost and manure but not so much. i tend to believe i can grow anything anywhere and usually do.

i spend time everyday in the garden connecting to the space the earth the dirt the birds the plants the wind the sun and listening. the more you look the more you see and the more you listen the more you hear.

get to know all the life around you. plant. animal. mineral. elemental. know you are in relationship with it all uniquely. just as all of it is in relationship with each other uniquely. there is wisdom to be gained from all of nature, large or tiny.

find a time you can silently be in nature everyday. get to know a place and feel your connection to it and to the specialized unique life-forms there. everyday. the same place. be open. see what cones. be patient. relax.


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