overzealous. seems like a good thing and it is but it can sure complicate. i have too many squash. its a challenge. small space. crazy rambling squash. you can see my predicament.

a trelis is my solution. 4 plants is plenty.  this leaves me with 4 extras, which will easily find homes.

was eyeing my bamboo poles laying in waiting to become a tipi. they looked back in disgust. squash trelis they  are not. days of this dialog. untill today on my wild rogue daffodil picking i noticed the Ailanthus all around me. it only grows on the edges around here.  it was perfect long fallen limbs that weigh so little. made my work literally light and i was glad because i was building this trelis alone.

this Tree of Heaven i knew as Ghetto Palm.

Ailanthus altissima
Ailanthus altissima

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