bucket of bones

imagei didnt try to find these bones. i was just exploring and thinking a lot about where the deer sleep. and bed down. this is the place. i see them wake up and wander out most mornings.

its a short walk but kinda steep down to the low spring creek. it feels much more remote. its very sheltered and so its very quiet.  huge interior space like a wooded version of Hagia Sophia.

both the deer skeletons were only about 3-4 feet apart. the first one revealed its hips to me.  this one showed its face. i saw the skull on the way down. even through the trees i could see that white. bone white.

so close. how could my mind not wonder. how? did these deer both lay down right here and die? is that weird, like an elephant graveyard for deer.

but animals do die peacefully.


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