welcome east


welcome to the living factory East.

its been a journey here, far far away away and back.

i was an Urban Herbalist for 20 years. city streets. vacant lots. abandoned. survivors. creating medicine out of the weeds and pests and wayward herbs of alleys and sidewalk cracks. and raised a family on this medicine.

then. the desert. it spoke to me through music first and then once it got into my optic nerves and olfactory centers there was no denying the intense love of the desert growing in me. joshua tree greeted me like an old lover. but palm springs seduced me. the comfort of my beloved Mount San Jacinto its 11,000 foot ascent like the biggest arms craddling you. she sent her wily coyotes to visit and walk with me and tell me stories with tbeir eyes and cries. much medicine was made.

the living factory West was born there. and was moved across country to begin anew in a meadow/forest study.

hope you enjoy this creating of a meadow life. living on the outskirts of an ashram in eastern usa. i will share what i see and as my creativity drives and directs me.

homesteading. herbalism. gardening. medicine making. feather collecting. plant communion. magick making.


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