Salves, Balms and Oils:

-Magick Healing Salve- $20/ 1oz metal tin
A very powerful salve that is also very gentle.
Use it for all skin healing needs, rashes, cuts, etc.
Designed for my daughter and now my grandson uses it.

-Lush Lips Balm- $20/ 1oz metal tin
Beautifully natural red-tinted lip treatment.
Cool and pepperminty.

-Turmeric Salve- $20/ 1oz metal tin
Golden healing massage rub for inflammation.
Ease muscle and joint pain. Speed recovery.

-Turmeric Oil- $20/2 oz amber glass bottle
Light oil blend with Turmeric for a deep
healing and restorative massage.
Useful for soothing inflamed joints and muscles.

-Lucid Dream Balm-SOLD OUT
Designed to relax and ground you,
while opening up your unconscious mind.
Rub into temples and 3rd eye. Now journey.

-Lucid Dream Oil-SOLD OUT
A light oil for a relaxing and visionary massage.
Perfect for bedtime use to bring dream states.

-Chaparral Salve- $20/1 oz golden tin                                                                                                                                       Seriously powerful desert medicine in this balm.                                                                                                                 Revered by indigenous people for its myriad of uses.

-Brittlebush Balm- $20/ 1oz golden tin                                                                                                                                     Desert Arnica to soothe your aching stiff muscles and joints.

-Datura Balm- $20/ 1oz golden tin                                                                                                                                             Visionary and magickal, use this for journeying, meditation or lucid dreamwork.

handcrafted with elfin magic and love by lynn crounse
the living factory
orders and

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