Five Element Holistic Herbal Consultations

FOR THOSE SEEKING: Personal Wellness Information. Preventative Health Practices. Assistance with Chronic Imbalances. Acute Care and Relief from Symptoms.

Using the Five Element theory from the holistic healing systems of TCM, Ayurveda and Western European traditions, together we will co-create and design a unique dietary, herbal and lifestyle plan including; Nutritional recommendations, Herbal and Supplement suggestions and Lifestyle / Self care Rituals.

Our initial intake session is an opportunity to learn about you and determine your healing goals or needs. Healing can come in many forms depending on your primary concerns, our focus can be on the physical or energetic and spiritual,

My goal is to create a plan incorporating dietary and lifestyle changes that feel manageable and self empowering.

Initial investment: $200 Consultation is approximately 2 hours. You will fill out paperwork and we will talk before an acupressure treatment with cupping, moxibustion or gua sha.

Follow up Sessions: $100 These hour long acupressure treatments will track your progress and adapt to changing needs or improvements.